Project Work (TIEA4)

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Homepage of TIEA4 (Project work) and TIETS19 (Software Project Management, Practice) courses.

During the project, student teams implement a software product. Team size is usually 4 or 5 team members (from TIEA4 course) and a project manager (from TIETS19 / Practice course).

Important / News

  • Registration time for period III-IV projects is open.
    • Enroll TIEA4 course using NettiOpsu.
      • Notice that TIEA4 is a 3rd year course, and at least 50 ects preceding Computer Science studies is required.
    • Enroll TIETS19-Practice course using NettiOpsu.
      • Notice that TIETS19-Practice course is an advanced level course, and TIEA4 (or equivalent) course is required in preceding studies. Also TIETS19-Theory is required (can be studied at the same time).
    • Contact teacher responsible (timo.poranen at if you have any questions.

Teaching and schedule, spring 2020

Teaching and schedule, fall 2019

  • Initial lecture:
    • in Finnish, on Friday 30.8, 10-12, C6 (Main building).
    • info session in English for exchange students, on Friday 30.8, 12.15-14, B1065 (Pinni B building).
  • Friday 6.9, 10-12, C6 (Main building).
  • Notice new place and time: Friday 13.9, 13-15, SimSpace (Pinni B).
  • Friday 20.9, 10-12, C6 (Main building)
  • Final project presentations in January.

Meetings with the course staff:

  • project plan inspection meeting,
  • three review meetings and
  • final meeting.


See the course information for TIEA4 (Project work) and TIETS19 (Software Project Management, Practice) from the curricula guide 2015-2018 or from SISU-system with keywords TIEA4 or TIETS19.