Project Work (TIEA4)

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Homepage of courses TIEA4 (Project work) and TIETS19 (Software Project Management, Practice).

Important / News

  • 10.6.2019: Projects KIVAKO, ELMA and Parking Place Management System are evaluated. Next set of projects will be evaluated before / just after midsummer.
  • 2019S: 4.4.2019: check SCIL summer projects (TIEA4 can be compensated with a SCIL project). Check also this SCIL promotion video.
  • Next TIEA4 and TIETS19 projects start in August.

Teaching and schedule spring 2019

  • Initial lecture:
    • in Finnish, Friday, 11.1.2019, 10-12, Pinni A3111.
      • If you are a project manager (studying TIETS19, Practice) and you have participated initial lecture earlier, it is not necessary to come to this lecture.
    • start up session in English for exchange students, Friday, 11.1.2019, 12-14, Pinni B1065.
  • Friday, 18.1.2019, 10-12, Pinni A3111 (10-11 lecture in Finnish, after 11.00, meet your team).
  • Friday, 25.1.2019, 10-12, Pinni A3111 (tools) Cancelled. Self study material will be given later on schedule-page.
  • Friday, 1.2.2019, 10-12, Pinni A3111 (short project presentations).
  • Final project presentations, on Wednesday, 15th May, 10-13, Pinni B3116.

Meetings with the course staff

  • Project plan inspection meeting
  • Three review meetings
  • Final meeting


See the course information for TIEA4 (Project work) and TIETS19 (Software Project Management, Practice) from the curricula guide 2015-2018.