Neurocomputing (TIETS07)

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This is a computer science course in the field of artificial intelligence.


Machine learning methods called neural networks and their computation algorithms are introduced. In addition, basics for deep learning are presented.


Tuesday at 10-12 location X from January 15 to February 19, 2019

Wednesday at 10-12 location Y from January 16 to February 20,2019

Weekly assignments

Thursday at 8-10 location Z from January 24 to February 21, 2019


  • Advanced study course, 5 ECTS
  • 12 lectures (24 h), Martti Juhola
  • 5 weekly exercises (10 h), Jyrki Rasku
  • Additional scores: when one makes more of all weekly exercises than 30%, additional scores [0,5] are given as follows: ≥30% 0, ≥41% 1, ≥52% 2, ≥63% 3, ≥74% 4, ≥85% 5
  • To pass the course: (1) at least 30% of weekly exercises have to be made and (2) the examination with scores of 12 or more from [0,30]


Lecture notes:

Weekly assignments tasks:



(1) Remember to enroll yourself to the course (once opened) via NettiOpsu.

(2) Matlab is needed for weekly assignments. To load Matlab you first need an activation code and obtaining this may take time. (You also need a UTA student account.) To be done via the following link:

(3) Remember enroll yourself on the examination (either in March or April).