Data mining (TIETS11)

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Several data mining methods are presented, as well as their use.


  • Advanced study course, 5 ECTS
  • 12 lectures (24 h), Martti Juhola
  • 5 weekly exercises (10 h), Jyrki Rasku
  • Additional scores: when one makes more of all weekly exercises than 30%, additional scores [0,5] are given as follows: ≥30% 0, ≥41% 1, ≥52% 2, ≥63% 3, ≥74% 4, ≥85% 5
  • To pass the course: (1) at least 30% of weekly exercises have to be made and (2) the examination with scores of 12 or more from [0,30]

Lectures;   Note the updated place of the first lecture!

On Tuesdays at 10-12 on the 16th January, Main Building D10A, and from the 23rd January to the 20th February, Main Building C6

On Wednesdays at 10-12 from the 17th January to the 21st February, Pinni B3107

New! Matlab is used for exercises. Do this quickly:

To load Matlab you first need an activation code and obtaining this may take time. (You also need a UTA student account.) To be done via the following link:


Weekly Exercises

On Thursdays from the 25th January to the 22nd February two groups:

(1) at 12-14, Pinni B3107

(2) at 14-16, Pinni B0016



On the 15th March (class D10a+b, at 16-20) or 6th April (D10a+b, 10-14).



Weekly exercises:

Data etc. for the exercises:

Solutions for weekly exercises: