Machine learning algorithms (TIETS39)

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NEW (at 21.10, 6th April) !  Since the examinations had to be cancelled, one substitutes the examination by writing an essay from one of the given topics. The instructions are given here:


The essay has to be sent no later than on the 20th May to Martti Juhola.


Machine learning algorithms are presented. Their use to build computational models are described.


    • Advanced study course, 5 ECTS
    • 12 lectures (24 h), Martti Juhola
    • 5 weekly exercise times (10 h), Jyrki Rasku
    • Additional scores: when one makes more of all weekly exercises than 30%, additional scores [0,5] are given as follows: ≥30% 0, ≥41% 1, ≥52% 2, ≥63% 3, ≥74% 4, ≥85% 5
    • To pass the course: (1) at least 30% of weekly exercises have to be made and (2) the examination with scores of 12 or more from [0,30]

 Matlab is used for exercises.

To load Matlab you first need an activation code and obtaining this may take time. (You also need a TAU account.) To be done via the following link, but if no more valid, search for from IT services of TAU:



The first Tuesday lecture on the 3rd March will be in Pinni B1097.

On Tuesdays at 10-12 from the 10th March to the 7th April 2020, venue Pinni B4113

On Wednesdays at 10-12 from the 4th March to the 8th April 2020, venue Main Building C6

Join Zoom meeting, the 8th April:

Meeting ID: 661 241 456


Weekly exercises

On Thursdays at 8-10 from the 12th March to the 16th April excluding the 9th April 2020, venue Main Building C6

Especial 1

Please send you exercise solutions by email to provided that you do this before each “exercise” Thursday: 19th, 26th March, 2nd or

16th  9th April.  NOTE THE CHANGE!

While sending your exercise solutions email, please write in the title of the email which exercise time they concern, e.g., “Machine learning algorithms: exercise solutions for the 26th March”.

Especial 2; information at 21.40, the 12th March

According to the new instructions, all later exercises will be handled by sending the solutions by email to by each Wednesday evening.

At the moment, conventional lectures are not allowed to be arranged. The lecture material is delivered in this webpage as usual.  




On the 29th April,12th May or 27th May 2020



Lectures:machine learning algorithms 2020 Contents, machinelearningalgorithms0, machinelearningalgorithms1, machinelearningalgorithms2, machinelearningalgorithms3,

machinelearningalgorithms4machinelearningalgorithms5 , machinelearningalgorithms6, machinelearningalgorithms7machinelearningalgorithms8,


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17th March:

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31st March:

1st April:

7th April:

8th April:

NOTE that along with the current special arrangements of teaching the last exercise time was changed from the 16th to 9th April. However, since the change was made late, you can send your solutions up to the 16th April.

Weekly exercises: MLAE1, MLAE2,  MLAE3, MLAE4, MLAE5

Data sets: Data

Solutions: MLAE1 Solution outlines, MLAE2 Solution outlines, MLAE3 Solution outlines, MLAE4 solution outlines, MLAE5 solution outlines