Assignment 1

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Students presentations on Friday, January 25, Pinni B0016, 14.00-16.00.

For the first assignment, we will work in 6 groups.

All students of all groups should read carefully the paper: A Blocking Framework for Entity Resolution in Highly Heterogeneous Information Spaces

Each group is associated with a sub-assignment.

The presenter (P) of each group will prepare an around 10 minutes presentation that answers the questions associated with the sub-assignment of the group.
After this short presentation, the reviewers of the corresponding group (R) will explain their own point of view regarding the sub-assignment, e.g., they can add more details and explanations to the presented material, explain if they understood some concepts of the original paper in a different way, or even provide their vision for alternative ideas or solutions.

Sub-assignment 1:
Group 1 will focus mainly on how we can define the blocking-based entity resolution, and how we can compute the performance of blocking (Section 3.1).

Sub-assignment 2:
Group 2 will focus mainly on discussing the metric space for clean-clean entity resolution blocking methods (Section 3.2).

Sub-assignment 3:
Group 3 will focus mainly on discussing the block purging, and block scheduling block-refinement methods (Section 5.2.1).

Sub-assignment 4:
Group 4 will focus mainly on discussing the block pruning, and comparison propagation block-refinement methods (Section 5.2.1).

Sub-assignment 5:
Group 5 will focus mainly on discussing the duplicate propagation, and comparison pruning block-refinement methods (Section 5.2.1).

Sub-assignment 6:
Group 6 will focus mainly on discussing the comparison scheduling block-refinement method (Section 5.2.1).

Student presentations on Friday, January 25, Pinni B0016, 14.00-16.00.

Please send your presentations at before 10.00am, Friday, January 25.

Groups and group members are as follows (P stands for a presenter, R stands for a reviewer):

Group 1
P – Jakub Hruska
P – Nayan Subba
P – Jimi Laakso
R – Thiago Braguim Neves
R – Guo Bujia

Group 2
P – Maria Stratigi
P – Lea Kahkonen
R – Thi Nguyen
R – Samuli Lumirae
R – Mikko Ala-Fossi

Group 3
P – Thi Nguyen
P – Heidi Mikkola
R – Gong Jin
R – Samuli Anola-Pukkila

Group 4
P – Gong Jin
P – Bagale Krishna
P – Samuli Anola-Pukkila
R – Jari Haapaniemi
R – Nayan Subba
R – Joel Sallinen

Group 5
P – Thiago Braguim Neves
P – Guo Bujia
P – Joel Sallinen
R – Maria Stratigi
R – Lea Kahkonen
R – Jimi Laakso

Group 6
P – Jari Haapaniemi
P – Samuli Lumirae
P – Mikko Ala-Fossi
R – Jakub Hruska
R – Bagale Krishna
R – Heidi Mikkola

Each student will work independently of the others. Please send an email at if you cannot find your name in the above assignment to groups.